Two foundations guide our relationships.

The service we provide through our personal interactions with you, and the products we select to offer as solutions for your financial needs. EMI is very deliberate in the partnerships we forge, and the products we choose to utilize. We offer best in class products and services for every segment. Find out more in each product area.

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Insurance is changing.

EMI brings you the best of both worlds.  The latest in products leveraging new technologies to speed up underwriting processes, along with brokers who can guide you along the way.

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Auto and Home

During our assessment, we will look to understand the parts of your life that need protection, and assist you with prioritizing those needs.

Since we are an independent brokerage, we are able to shop the marketplace, and find just the right carrier, policy, and premium to ensure that all of your valuables and loved ones are covered.

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All over your screens you see ads telling you how easy it is to buy your insurance coverage in 5 easy steps. What they fail to mention is that you could also take 5 easy steps to financial ruin if your business is not classified or rated properly. Don’t take that chance. We can write you a policy with all the folks you see online, and the traditional guys too. Chat with us today.

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Healthcare and health insurance is one of the stickiest subjects in our society. Work with a broker that understands the needs of all concerned; insureds, insurers, providers, and agents! Our carrier partners are industry leading which allows us to craft solutions for individuals and families just as easily as we can for groups.